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Linking in verilog code
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Instance sub_mod u1 (...); Submodule definition (down hierarchy)
Arrow above module line
module ...
Module instantiation (up hierarchy)
Place task/function is used r = my_func(); Task/function definition
Place define is used `MY_DEF Place define is defined
Included file `include "my_file.v" Included file
Signal where it is driven sig_a <= ~sig_b;
Signal definition
Signal where it is used sig_b <= ~sig_a; Place where signal is first driven
Instance output port sub_mod u1(.out1(signal1),...) Place where signal is driven in submodule
Input definition input in_a; To instantiation port line (when instantiated only once)
Place parameter is used new_state <= state_0; Parameter definition
Index mark after module or signal definition module my_mod ( Module or signal in index
Hierarchy Page
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Module name Module source code
Task name Task source code
Function name Function source code
Index mark after name Name in index
Collapsible hierarchy page
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[Hide All] Hide all the hierarchy
[Show All] Show all levels of the hierarchy
Show a level of hierarchy
Hide all levels of hierarchy below
Index Pages
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Term in index signal : module output Term in the source code
Name in definition signal : module output
  Port Connections:   module:inst:port
Name in the index
Index Letter A Top of page
Frame Shows
Top Hierarchy
Middle Verilog code
Bottom Values of defines and parameters
Signal Popup window
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Definition Jump to the line where the signal is defined
Local Driver Jump to the first line in this module where the signal is driven
Up to Input Driver Jump to the first place v2html found where this input is driven in an instantiation of this module
Find Source Trace back through connections to find a final source for this signal
Index Jump to the place where the signal appears in the signal index
Search Backwards Search backwards through the file for the next occurance of the signal
Search Forwards Search forwards through the file for the next occurance of the signal
Option unavailable for this signal
Quick search
Click on signal using mouse button Scrolls page to
Middle  or  Control+Left Search forwards through the file for the next occurance of the signal
Shift+Middle  or  Shift+Left Search backwards through the file for the next occurance of the signal
Default colours
comment compiler define function keyword module parameter port
ifdefed out string systemtask task signal inout signal inout_reg signal input signal integer
signal output signal output_reg signal real signal reg signal supply0 signal supply1 signal time signal tri
signal tri0 signal tri1 signal triand signal trireg signal wand signal wire signal wor  
  • Find out what the keyboard short cut for 'Back' in your browser (it is Alt Left-Arrow in Netscape).
  • When you move your mouse over one of the above the module line the status line of your browser shows the URL which contains the file name and instance name (file#instance). Some browsers may also pop up a tool tip telling you the module and instance.
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